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Sunday, March 18, 2018

True Identiy

Finding Significance and Freedom Through Who You are In Christ

True Identity: Finding Significance and Freedom Through Who You Are in Christ is a guide for teens by John C. Majors. This book answers questions teens ask as they search to discover who they are. In a conversational style, Majors tackles topics like gender identity, same sex attraction, dating, faith, and more. There is a heavy emphasis on sexual identity and relationships.

Without being condescending, Majors handles these topics honestly and in a straight-forward manner. My favorite chapter is 'Growing in Your Walk with God'. This chapter outlines ways teens can grow in their faith with practical tips for taking ownership of this step:

"You have to know what you believe and why you believe it. And whatever you believe, the moral code upon which you base your life has to be strong enough to bear up under the challenges you encounter. Otherwise it will crumble when you need it most" (p. 99).
True Identity is a book that Christian parents will find to be a welcome help for starting conversations with their young adult child. This book will help your teen figure out who they want to be as they mature in their walk with Jesus. It will also help you navigate some difficult issues. It will also provide your child with a resource that will help them move forward in their lives with confidence.

As teens become more independent and take on more personal responsibilities, a resource like True Identity will help them discover what defines them.

The publisher provided a review copy of True Identity.