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Saturday, January 27, 2018

True to You

True to You (A Bradford Sisters Romance) by Becky Wade is a different kind of romance story from one of my favorite authors. Nora Bradford is a researcher and genealogist who finds herself working on a project alongside John Lawson, and former Navy SEAL and security expert. An adoptee with an inherited condition, John needs Nora's research skills to help him find his birth family.

This story begins with hints of the chemistry between Nora and John. They are thrown together at the very beginning of the story during a mock drill, with humor and a lighthearted tone. Most of the book continues with banter between the two and a strongly developed story. The chapters have an interesting style, with Facebook posts, texts, phone conversations, etc. at the end.

The one thing about this story that I will forewarn you about is the unexpected twist. It is unexpected in that the initial lightheartedness of the plot takes a very dark turn.

Becky Wade has a wonderful writing style, and I am a fan of her work, but this was not one of my favorites of hers and had I been warned about some of the content, I would not have chosen it. Other readers will enjoy this one, though, especially if they are familiar with Ms. Wade's other books.

The publisher provided a review copy of True to You.