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Monday, January 22, 2018

The Transformational Adventure Study Guide

The Transformational Adventure Study Guide is a seven session Bible study by Alan and Inda Williams that includes a video you watch online, discussion questions, and application challenges to help you begin your own "transformational adventure". The video links are provided in the study guide, so no additional purchase is required.

The topics covered in the sessions include:

  • Salvation
  • Brokenness
  • Restoration
  • Power
  • Forgiveness
  • Grace
  • Hope 

The format of this book is beautiful--it is a large size paperback with large print and full-color photos throughout. Scripture verses and references are included. There are blank lines for responding to thought-provoking questions and lined sections for notes and responding to the videos. These guided questions are vital to the study and help you really reflect and internalize the lessons in the sessions.

The Transformational Adventure can be used by an individual or in a group setting. If used in a group setting, there are also sections for individual study between sessions.

Each lesson consists of the following:

  • Open with open ended questions
  • Watch the video on the author's website
  • Take notes from the video
  • Read a related passage or two of Scripture
  • Respond to related questions
  • Dive deeper into Scripture at home
  • Resources of related Bible commentary, footnotes and a deeper look at the Scriptures
  • Action steps that may be taken to challenge you during the week.
Author Alan Williams survived heart surgery and then cancer. The videos in the study provide a glimpse into his personal story. The book itself includes some anecdotes from the author's experience, but the content is mostly presented in a general way to make the study relevant to everyone, no matter what their story is. Anyone who has experienced a life-altering event will particularly find hope in this study, but again, The Transformational Adventure offers something for everyone. Even older high school students and college students will enjoy working through this study. 

The publisher provided a review copy of The Transformational Study Adventure.