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Sunday, November 19, 2017

A Plain Leaving


A Plain Leaving (The Sisters of Lancaster County) by Leslie Gould is an Amish story that begins The Sisters of Lancaster County series.

Jessica Bachmann returns home for her father's funeral after leaving her Amish community three years prior. As she struggles to adjust and to figure out where her life is going, she learns about her ancestor  Ruby Bachmann, who faced a similar struggle back during Revolutionary War times. As the parallel stories are told, I found myself connecting to the characters more and more. This unique novel is compelling with beautifully developed characters and an intriguing plot.

I enjoyed the historical aspect of Ruby's story, as well as the way the author dealt with the family turmoil. These elements along with the surprising way the story is told--with Jessica and Ruby's points-of-view juxtaposed--add to the uniqueness of this novel. A Plain Leaving leaves you guessing, making it hard to put down.

Unlike many books in the Amish genre, A Plain Leaving is not predictable and leaves me wanting to stay with these characters as I anxiously await the second book in the series.

The publisher provided a review copy of A Plain Leaving.