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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

100 Favorite Bible Verses

100 Favorite Bible Verses is a beautiful little book of encouragement. This botanically themed book contains lavishly illustrated pages of Bible verses with accompanying reflections on each verse. The pretty feminine color scheme and floral designs make this book a joy to spend time with.

This devotional is a nice way to spend a little extra time thinking on God's Word throughout the day, and it is so pretty that it begs to be left out in a prominent place--mine lives on top of my desk right now. Anytime I need a little encouragement, I can flip to any page and find words that soothe the soul.

I especially like how the devotions are formatted. They are quick and easy to read, yet they bring up many important nuances of the chosen verses. For example, the reflection on 1 Timothy 4:12 reminds readers that we should think about our attitudes toward young people:

"Paul wrote that youth is not to be despised, that God uses both young and old for His kingdom work. Ask the Lord to help your attitudes and actions reflect that truth" (p. 84). 
Though it does not replace time spent in the Bible, 100 Favorite Bible Verses is an excellent addition to daily quiet time with God.

The publisher provided a review copy of 100 Favorite Bible Verses.