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Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Ebb Tide

In The Ebb Tide by Beverly Lewis, Sallie Riehl leaves her Pennsylvania Amish community to work as a nanny for a family on the coast of New Jersey. Sallie has always wanted to travel, and as she expands her horizons during the summer in Cape May, she seeks God's will for her life.

"I was born with wanderlust in my heart...."

As Sallie discovers the coastal region, there are beautiful descriptions of the nature that surrounds her. Having never traveled before, Sallie spends her free time exploring the shore. On a tour with the little girl she babysits, Sallie first meets Kevin, a marine biologist working as a summer intern on a boat.

Their relationship develops throughout the story, and her treats her differently than she is used to being treated by other guys, taking an interest in learning what she is interested in. Kevin is from a Mennonite community, similar in may ways to Sallie's, but causing her to worry about how her parents will feel about him. However, Kevin understands Sallie and her dreams to learn and see the world.

I enjoyed the beach theme as a backdrop for this book as well as the way the characters' relationship develops. But, I especially liked seeing how Sallie grew more confident in herself over the summer as she started to discover who she really is. The ending was really satisfying, making this book a great choice for summer reading.

The publisher provided a review copy of The Ebb Tide.