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Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach: Devotions to Help You Relax, Reflect, and Renew is a compact little devotional by brothers Jedd and Todd Hafer. With it's bright orange imitation leather cover and pineapple and pink flamingo theme, this devotional is perfect for tossing into your suitcase when you head for vacation. The Hafer's conversational writing style and contemporary themes make this devotional easy to read and appealing to a wide range of ages. I especially like the humorous and lighthearted way the passages are written--but there are still deep and enriching messages within.

Some of the topics include:

  • Burning the Beach Burgers
  • Risking Your Life for Bird Spit
  • When Nothing is Something
  • Nothing Ever Happens on "Some Day"
  • The Beach as Happy Place

The beach symbolizes a time of vacation, renewal, and retreat for many of us. Time to sit on the sand and soak up the sun and sounds of the ocean, while unwinding from the typical routines and demands of day-to-day life. This time alone is enough to renew one's spirit. But, when you read A Day at the Beach and think on its messages, this vacation time can become so much more enriching. And even if you can't take this book to a beach somewhere, spending time in it wherever you are is like a mini-vacation in itself.

Each devotion is about a page and a half, with related Bible verses and pretty decorated page borders. The tropical color scheme includes turquoise text and page illustrations to complement the vibrant cover. The only drawback to the compact size of this book is the tiny font size, which when combined with the color of the ink makes it a bit challenging to see, especially if you take the book out to the beach in the glare of the sun. I'd love to see a larger print version of this fun book!

The publisher provided a review copy of A Day at the Beach.