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Friday, March 17, 2017

The Mark of the King

The exciting new historical novel, The Mark of the King by Jocelyn Green, is a sweeping, not-to-be-missed inspirational story.

Julianne Chevalier is a young midwife in 1719 Paris, France, who experiences a tragedy with a client that leads to her being imprisoned and branded as a criminal beyond redemption. The author did extensive research into the customs and laws of that time, and she discovered things about the notorious Salpetriere Paris women's prison, the one Julianne is sentenced to in the story.

Based on historical events, Julianne trades her life sentence for exile to the 'fledgling French colony' of Louisiana. On top of this daunting future, the price of her transport is a forced marriage to a fellow convict. Julianne ends up in New Orleans where more tragedy eventually strikes.

With no news of her soldier brother Benjamin, who is embroiled in the war between the French and Chickasaw ''now known as the First French-Chickasaw War," Julianne must find her way in the dangerous 18th century frontier, where only faith can see her through:

"From now on let no one cause trouble for me,
for I bear on my body the brand-marks of Jesus." --Galatians 6:17

With "...God's grace covering them all..." (395), the characters of The Mark of the King continually pull at your heartstrings and the plot keeps you turning the pages.

This book is ideal for a book group and includes detailed and thought-provoking discussion questions at the end. The Author's Note explains how the story is based on real events of forced immigration and exile to Louisiana between 1717-1721. Not only were convict girls ages 12-26  shipped from Salpetriere prison to help colonize Louisiana, but the French military in Louisiana also endured horrible living conditions as the French government basically abandoned them.

The publisher provided a review copy of The Mark of the King.