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Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Acid Watcher Diet


The Acid Watcher Diet: A 28-Day Reflux Prevention and Healing Program by Dr. Johathan Aviv is a blueprint for regaining health if chronic reflux is affecting your life. Many symptoms of acid reflux are not immediately associated with the disease, such as a cough or bloating, and others are more obvious, like heartburn and a lump in the throat. As someone with a family history of this disease, I find Dr. Aviv's clear explanation of these silent symptoms to be very enlightening. He describes how this disease affects your overall well-being, and he lays out a plan to not only heal, but also to prevent the symptoms and damage from this disease.

This book begins with the links between acid disruption and your diet. Dr. Aviv shows how and why certain foods and lifestyle habits cause acid reflux, inflammation, and weight gain. he explains how to find treatment and what to know before seeing your doctor. Dr. Aviv then explains the nitty-gritty of what to do and what to avoid to facilitate healing, and finally provides a detailed 28-day plan of drastic dietary and lifestyle changes to bring about healing. He includes recipes, charts, and meal plans, making this a really simple program to follow.

At first glance, the healing plan might seem like a drastic method. Many common foods are banned, and the diet is primarily vegetarian and raw. However, if you have experience reflux disease and understand its severity, this plan seems like a no-brainer. Anytime you can make dietary changes to bring about better health, and avoid medicine and medical testing, I think it's clear that the lifestyle changes are worth the trade off.

Because I have personal experience with acid reflux disease in my family, I am already implementing this plan with my family. It might take us a while to get used to, but after reading Dr. Aviv's well researched solution for healing, I feel certain that the benefits will bring on new habits that fit effortlessly into our lifestyle.

I will keep you posted!

The publisher provided a review copy of the Acid Watcher Diet.