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Monday, December 5, 2016

Counterfeit Comforts

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Robia Scott's Counterfeit Comforts: Freedom from the Imposters That Keep You from True Peace, Purpose and Passionis a guide to overcoming the things in life that have become a substitute for what we really need. She candidly tackles issues that everyone can relate to: from indulging on food and drink, binge exercising, excessive spending, to body image dysmorphia, and more. She recounts her own struggles as an example of how to begin healing and discover the true things you really seek. The 'imposters' become a diversion from the true peace we all need through God.

With quotes and Scripture verses throughout, Counterfeit Comforts not only discusses these issues that bring us stress, but it also provides ideas for coping. One such tool is journaling, which the author presents as a method to "uncover and discover" (p. 44). Another is conscious Bible study, focusing on specific verses to train ourselves to hear God when he speaks to us.

The conversational tone of Counterfeit Comforts makes it easy to read and understand. It is a motivating and helpful book that offers encouragement every time you pick it up and will help you grow in your walk with God. We all need peace, and this book goes a long way in providing the tools to get us there.

The publisher provided a review copy of Counterfeit Comforts.