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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Grandma's Guest Review: A Tapestry of Secrets


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A Tapestry of Secrets by Sarah Loudin Thomas features the same family as in the Appalachian Blessings series. Perla is much older now (in her eighties), and has suffered a stroke. Her granddaughter Ella, a quilt artist, becomes her caregiver. I enjoyed how Perla's thoughts were recounted as she struggled to recover from her debilitating stroke--her frustrations with learning to speak again and to get her body to respond as she wants it to.

The 'secret' of the book is the overriding theme as Perla wants to reveal something important from her past, but cannot verbalize it due to the stroke. Ella has her own struggles as the stories of these two women from different generations develop.

This sweet story of family, love, and loss is compelling and relatable. It is a gentle reminder that we are all flawed, but through grace and love, we can learn forgiveness and acceptance.

As a grandmother, I find A Tapestry of Secrets an especially inspirational novel and would recommend it to my friends.

The publisher provided a review copy of A Tapestry of Secrets.