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Thursday, March 17, 2016

NKJV Apply the Word Study Bible

The NKJV, Apply the Word Study Bible, Hardcover, Red Letter Edition: Live in His Steps contains the full text of the New King James Version of the Bible. The literary authenticity of the King James version is still intact in this version; however, modern English is used to make the text clearer and easier to read. The Apply the Word edition includes many special features, including hundreds of notes, articles, charts, tables, and maps, and words of Christ in red. The look and style of this edition makes it appropriate for men or women, young or old. It is an especially nice format for a high school or college age student to use as a study Bible, both because of its graphic appeal and all its extra features.

The Apply the Word Study Bible's nicest feature, in my opinion, is the side note feature. These sideline notes appear all throughout the text, with a bright orange bar across the top that makes them stand out from the rest of the text. These tidbits of information are interesting and enriching, and I am learning more and more about God's Word through them. For example, in Song of Solomon, the sideline note about Song 7:5, 'Treasured Tresses':
"King Solomon was captivated by his bride's beautiful hair. The simile between his beloved's head and the peak of Mount Carmel does not indicate that her hair was white like snow but rather that her heas 'crowned' her body just as Mount Carmel crowned northern Canaan. Likewise, the allusion to purple was not a comment on the bride's hair color but a statement of its value. Purple was an expensive dye that signified wealth and royalty. Purple cloth ranked in value with gold and was even used to pay tribute" (p. 809).
Extras like this are helping me appreciate the Bible as literature, and they are providing valuable insight that I enjoy sharing with my kids during our Bible study time.

The publisher provided a review copy of NKJV Apply the Word Study Bible.