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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Grandma's Guest Review: The Photograph

Grandma read The Photograph by Beverly Lewis and is guest posting today to share her thoughts on this book.

The Photograph by Beverly Lewis begins when Jed Sutzman travels by train to Pennsylvania to learn buggy making techniques from a very experienced buggy maker to take back to his shop back home. While on the train he discovers a book, Little Women, that has writings in the margins and a photograph of a young Amish woman in her capp. He questions this, realizing that photographs are forbidden, and he has questions about the photograph.

After arriving in Pennsylvania, he meets Eva Esch and feels a connection to her but still does not understand the photograph, although he sees similarities in the photograph and Eva. Eva also feels drawn to Jed after his arrival. Her parents died and she was faced with caring for her sister, Lily. Eva made candy to sell at market and help pay bills. Eva knew as her Dat had taught her that Our Father in Heaven would take care of her. Her sister Lily leaves, and no one know where she has gone. The family is concerned for her safety and are afraid she has taken on the English life. Jed continues to study the photograph and wonder about it. Eventually his path crosses with Lily and the story changes course.

I found the writing style of this book a bit cumbersome,so it was not a quick read. The setting of the story is very much how I picture life in an Amish community. I would rate this book as average and on a scale of 1-5 rate it a 3. I have read many of this author's books, and this is perhaps my least favorite.

The publisher provided a review copy of The Photograph.