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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The No-Homework Women's Bible Study: Group Hug

The No Homework Women's Bible Study: Group Hug by Christine Tate is a short study guide (50 pages) for small group Bible study. 

This guidebook is designed to be written in and has plenty of spaces for note-taking and reflecting on the questions in each lesson. The lessons are relevant to young women, with topics including self-care, organization, people pleasing, being prepared, weight management, Christian relationships, and more. 

Each of the eight weekly lessons begins with an ice breaker activity, then has a ten-minute lesson, followed by thirty minutes of discussion questions, which are the heart of the study. The author encourages readers to work in a small group, in a home setting, to establish a supportive circle of women who can both hold each other accountable and provide a safe network of prayer partners and mentors. 

The No-Homework Women's Bible Study: Group Hug is a wonderful way for busy women to carve out about an hour a week to grow closer to the Lord and to strengthen their faith while deepening their friendships.

The book review program, which requires an honest, though not necessarily positive, review, provided a review copy of The No-Homework Women's Bible Study: Group Hug.