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Monday, June 1, 2015

Bible Dominoes

Bible Dominoes is a sturdy toddler-sized game that follows the traditional rules of dominoes. It's great for teaching matching, categorization, colors numbers, and Bible tidbits. 

The pieces are large and sturdy chipboard with glossy colorful pictures. They are sized just right for little hands, and are durable enough to stand up to lots of playing and sorting. As children place their domino pieces on the playing surface, parents can ask open ended questions to get them to discover more about the information on the cards. What color is this? How many bugs to you see? What kind of animal is this? What sound does it make? 

The package description says that a booklet is included with the featured Bible stories in it, but our set did not come with a booklet. I don't know how comprehensive the stories in the booklet are, but I think it would be a must for parents to either have an accompanying story book or be well-versed in the featured stories beforehand if they desire to use this game as a Bible learning activity. 

Even without the stories, however, Bible Dominoes is a cute set and provides Bible enrichment by exposing kids to the familiar people and events from the Bible with hands-on learning.

The publisher provided a review set of Bible Dominoes.