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Saturday, August 23, 2014

I Can Read! Adventure Bible Moses Leads the People

A fun Bible story for developing readers, Moses Leads the People is a fully illustrated I Can Read! title depicting the story of the Israelites plight as slaves in Egypt and Moses' leading them to freedom:
"So Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt. They had been there for 430 years. They were finally free and going to God's Promised Land."

This story is presented in short sentences, large print, and brief passages of text on each page. The detailed illustrations highlight each story and provide context clues for early readers. There is a special section in the back featuring "People in Bible Times" and "Words to Treasure" with Scripture references.

Moses Leads the People is a faithful retelling of these biblical events, and kids who are familiar with The Adventure Bible will enjoy the format of this book. My early reader is excited about reading Bible stories independently. I appreciate the careful attention to detail in this book, as well as the way the harsher details are presented in a gentle way, so even young children will enjoy this book as a read aloud.

By introducing new vocabulary in manageable chunks with lots of repetition, the publisher strategically made Moses Leads the People a valuable teaching tool. For example, the following passage, which appears on a two-page spread, allows children to practice reading a possibly unfamiliar word, Pharoah, several times after introducing it:

"Moses and Aaron met with Paroah.
'What do you want?' Pharoah,
the king of Egypt, asked Moses.
'Please let the Israelites go,' said Moses.
But Pharoah said, 'No.'
So God gave Moses and Aaron some tools 
to use. They would convince Pharoah."

Not only is Moses Leads the People a wonderful way to introduce Bible events to children, but it is also a nice way to practice reading skills and engage kids with a fun format. Definitely a valuable addition to our shelves!

{The publisher provided me with a review copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinions.}