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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation

Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation is an award-winning book by Jay Schabacker that shows how everything was intentionally created by God for a purpose. Using the creation week as it's basis, the book takes readers through the wonders of space, earth, land, and sea, demonstrating how all things work together. 

Through beautiful photographs, Scripture verses, and easy to understand examples, Mr. Schabacker clearly points out the evidence that a purposeful God designed everything in our universe to follow certain rules of order. The world isn't random, and the author provides scientific facts to support this truth. The "What If?" sections describe what would happen if anything in creation was even a little bit "off," such as the degrees of tilt to the earth or the distance of the moon from the earth. 

As an addition to our homeschool science studies, Purposeful Design has helped my son better understand things like the reason for seasons, the ocean tides, and the human cell. The framework of the book around the days of creation also makes it a wonderful accompaniment to Bible study, and as we read through Genesis, my children look at Purposeful Design as a reference.

There are many scientific facts and figures in Purposeful Design, but they are presented in a way that anyone can understand. It really is a resource for all ages. When we read about seasons, my elementary-age child focuses on the pictures, but he understands many of the concepts presented, because they are clearly explained. For example:

"With some more daylight in the spring -- there is warming -- and new life again; buds open into flowers; and animals get nourishing food again."

My middle schooler likes the graphics, such as the diagram showing the tilt and rotation of the earth and how the seasons occur. These visuals help him grasp the concepts and engage more with the book.

My high school student is interested Purposeful Design's facts, like:

"The pace of our year is set by the earth's rotation around the sun -- and the fact that the earth's axis of spin is at a tilt of 23.5 degrees from the vertical -- as the earth orbits the sun. The tilt means that during one half of the solar year (365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds), our spot on the earth gets more sunlight and so the days are longer."

This is the type of book that anyone can pick up and flip through or read cover-to-cover and feel enriched and enlightened. But, as a "textbook," Purposeful Design is a valuable resource in our homeschool. Mr. Schabacker has done a masterful job at writing a book that all ages can enjoy.

  {The publisher provided a review copy for my honest opinions.}