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Monday, May 5, 2014

Animal Helpers: Zoos

What do zookeepers do all day? Animal Helpers: Zoos by Jennifer Keats Curtis is a photo journal that takes readers behind the scenes at the zoo. The book features both the animals and the zoo workers, and it shows the different tasks involved in taking care of the zoo's residents:

"Like kids, animals hate to be bored. Keepers work with trainers and volunteers to create enrichment activities that keep the animal entertained and happy, like:
  • a giant tractor tire swing for a chimp
  • a splashing pool and ball for brown bears
  • fake rocks for a cougar
  • and a paper mache moose for wolf pups."

The large text is geared toward early readers, and the cute animals are showcased in full-page vibrant photographs, which make the book beg to be picked up and flipped through.

The cross-curricular content of the book is further explored in a free download of teacher resources at the Arbordale website, including an activity guide with lesson plans and worksheets.

The "For Creative Minds" section of the book has activities for learning about zoo habitats, animal conservation, endangered animals, and zoology professions. Any animal-loving kid will enjoy Animal Helpers: Zoos, and it just might inspire them to consider a career in zoology.

{The publisher provided a review copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinions.}