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Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Berenstain Bears Keep the Faith

What does having faith really mean? Brother and Sister Bear are faced with this issue in The Berenstain Bears Keep the Faith by Mike Berenstain.

Brother and Sister enjoy hanging out with their friends, spending time outdoors, playing with dolls, sorting baseball cards. One friend, Ferdy Factual is a science buff. Unfortunately, the cubs discover that Ferdy not only does not believe that God created the earth, but he doesn't believe in God at all.

The cubs are astounded that Ferdy says this, and Ferdy even states:

"I believe in science -- in things you can see and test and prove."

As the cubs wrestle with these ideas, their parents and Preacher Brown help them understand what faith really is. It is refreshing for familiar characters like the Berenstain Bears to demonstrate a biblical worldview. I hope to find more books like this one to share with my son.

My son and I read this book together, and in light of the recent debate about creation vs. evolution, we continued our conversation after reading The Berenstain Bears Keep the Faith

The beauty of this book is that it is simply told, which is what I believe sums up how we should approach God -- simply with childlike faith.

The Berenstain Bears Keep the Faith also includes a page of activities and questions for further enrichment.

  {The publisher provided a review copy for our honest opinions.}