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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Grandma's Guest Review: My Hope is Found

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Grandma just finished another Joanne Bischof book, which she loved. Read on for her review!

MY HOPE IS FOUND by Joanne Bischof
This is book three of the Cadence of Grace series, and this book does a wonderful job of wrapping up this series. It is a continuation of the hopes and trials of Gideon and Lonnie, who being very much in love and with a small son, have to be separated suddenly because of an incident in Gideon's past. 

It has been a heartbreaking journey for them both, but they never gave up trusting in God. Gideon turns his time and energy to grafting apple trees and starting an orchard while having ties to Cassie, his first wife. 

There are many twists and turns, but hope is always present. 

Cassie released Gideon to go back to Lonnie only for him to learn that her attention had turned somewhat to Toby, a man of God and a minister. Toby is a good-hearted man and begins to realize how much in love Lonnie is with Gideon.

God is asked to help all of them understand his plan and for his help for the future. Gideon totally put his need for help in God's hands and the future starts to look brighter. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the manner in which this series ended, and this book reinforced the need for us to trust God for the outcomes in our own lives. This verse from James 1:2-3, "The testing of your faith produces patience," is perfect.

{The publisher provided  a review copy for our honest opinions.}