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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Soup Night

Recipes for Creating Community Around a Pot of Soup

Soup Night is a new cookbook from Storey Publishing, written by Maggie Stuckey. I say "written by," and that means more than just compiling recipes. This is truly a cookbook to savor, both for its recipes, and for its writing. 

The premise behind Soup Night is that by establishing a soup night of your own, you can grow a community "around a pot of soup." The sharing of food is more than just nourishment for our bodies:

"It is a way for enemies to acknowledge detente, for acquaintances to deepen their friendship, and for those in the uncertain middle to demonstrate the possibility of peace (p. 13)."
The author includes lots of tips for starting your own soup night, as well as fundamental tips for stocking your pantry and storing and freezing your bounty. 

Then, there are the recipes...

Soup Night is chock full to the brim with delicious recipes for every imaginable type of soup, as well as accompaniments and desserts. One of my favorite details about this book is that the recipes are divided seasonally, so you can make the best use of vegetables in their prime.

Many of the recipes are also featured with full-color photographs, which I personally love so that I can see how they are supposed to turn out! 

I tried the recipe for Taco Soup for my family recently, and it was a hit. I actually cut the recipe in the book in half and fed my entire family of five, so these recipes are proving to be budget-friendly. And, though the carb counts are not included in the book, I am finding many recipes in Soup Night to be adaptable to a low-carb diet. This cookbook is a keeper, and I am looking forward to adding more soup nights, and lunches, to our menu. 

Yummy Taco Soup!