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Monday, November 11, 2013

Adventure Bible Handbook

The Adventure Bible Handbook is unique and fun! It is a colorful graphic novel-format Bible handbook, ideal for older kids and teens, and will surely appeal to even the most reluctant reader.

The book follows four children who have traveled back in time to find their archaeologist father. Using modern devices, like smart phones, the kids visit the ancient cities and sites of the Bible and learn about the important events from the Old and New Testaments. The Adventure Bible Handbook includes a wealth of information, including a table of contents, (my favorite) Reading Guide to the Bible, a Scripture and subject index, and even a "Google" map or two! 

For teens who struggle to read, the format of The Adventure Bible Handbook briefly describes each scene, while not "dumbing" them down. For example, in the section about Jesus' birth, bold headings divide the narrative, while the graphics play out the scenes:
"When Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem, they were unable to find a room to stay in because there were so many visitors in town for the census. After searching everywhere, the only place they could find to stay was a stable where the animals were kept. It was here, in a barn, that Mary gave birth to her son Jesus. That same night, shepherds, who were watching their flocks of sheep in the fields, were told of the birth by a host of angels. Immediately, the shepherds hurried to find the baby. They marveled at what they saw and worshiped the promised Messiah who had been born to save Israel. (Matthew 1:18025; Luke 2:1-21)"
My 13-year-old really likes The Adventure Bible Handbook, and he is already gaining more insight and faith through his study. The book is broken down into manageable portions, so it is not only enticing, but also easy to squeeze into a busy day. This means there is really no excuse for not spending time with Bible study! I am including this book in our homeschool Bible curriculum, especially for my middle schooler.

Because the early teen years are such a time of turmoil and change, questions and skepticism seem to develop. The inviting format of The Adventure Bible Handbook makes it a great resource for pulling kids at this vulnerable age closer to God. 

  {The publisher provided a review copy for my honest opinions.}