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Friday, September 27, 2013

Finding God in the Bible & Father of Lights

   I was given the opportunity to review Darren Wilson's book Finding God in the Bible and was pleasantly surprised to receive his film Father of Lights along with it. These are perfect companions to each other, and my reading was enriched for having watched the film and vice versa. Darren's heart for God shines through in both of these resources, and I find them to be life-changing.

Finding God in the Bible

In Finding God in the Bible, filmmaker Darren Wilson attempts to uncover the finer details in the Bible and aspects of God's character that are revealed by these small details. First of all, Darren points out that God reveals himself intentionally. He also desires a friendship with us:
"If God has shown us anything, it's that He is a God who yearns to be intimate with us. That is the whole reason He sent His Son here. He wants a relationship with us, but we are such idiots, so dirty and sinful, that in order for that to happen, someone had to pay for our idiocy. That He sent His own Son to do it reveals much of His character" (p. 18).
This book traces God's friendships with Abraham, Moses, and others and shows how God's true character is revealed in these friendships. The book also shows readers how to begin a friendship with God.

My favorite part of Finding God in the Bible is the realization that God is creative. It seems really simple, but I honestly never gave this any thought until I read this book. Darren's writing style is so honest, candid, and real, that this book will become a powerful witnessing tool. I had a hard time putting it down because I wanted to keep learning more. I could relate to so many examples and points Darren made, and I felt like he was speaking directly to me, and God was speaking directly through him.

Father of Lights

Father of Lights is a mesmerizing film of miracles. Not only is the cinematography stunning, the soundtrack beautiful, and the message convicting, but God is clearly at work here. I was amazed at what I witnessed, and I think Darren really succeeded in his goal:
"If God could be filmed what would he look like?"
As soon as I finished watching Father of Lights, I immediately wanted to share it. I wanted to share Ravi and Todd and the Chinese orphans with someone, for someone else to see the impossible things that I saw. That in itself makes this film a powerful thing. I feel that anyone who watches it, no matter their beliefs or background, will find it to be a life-changing experience.

I will definitely be seeking out more of Darren Wilson's work, and though I cannot do Finding God in the Bible and Father of Lights justice in this brief review, please take my word for it--you need to read and watch these!

{The publisher provided me with a review copy of this book and film in exchange for my honest opinions.}