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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Grandma's Guest Review: A Simple Change

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   My mom read A Simple Change by Judith Miller, a Home to Amana book. Mom raved about this book and said it was one of her favorites and one of the best in the Amish fiction genre that she has read. She is sharing her review below:

The Who, What, Where, and When

   This is a wonderful love story/family story about a family returning to Amish ways. After a lifetime in Kansas City, the Rhoders felt God's call to return to the Amana Colony in Iowa. Jancey is given a choice to go with her parents or remain in the family home. Her parents knew it would mean a drastic change in her life. Jancey was teaching in the Kansas City Orphanage and loved the children there and was making a difference in their lives. She is not willing to be away from her ill mother and moves with her parents from a large home to simple accommodations in the Colony. Women are not allowed to teach, so she is assigned to kitchen duty and makes such an inspiring effort to fit in. 

The Why?

I love the way prayer is such a part of every decision in this family's life. Nathan, a man Jancey has been seeing in Kansas City shows up in the colony hoping to marry her. At this point in her life Ritt has entered her life. What will her decision be? She also has much praying to do when she tries to locate the sister of one of the workers who was placed in the orphanage in Kansas City. Who is this Thomas?

I consider this one of the best Amish books I have read and highly recommend it to anyone wanting a beautiful love story.  
{The publisher provided a review copy of this book in exchange for our honest opinions.}