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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

NKJV Ignite: The Bible for Teens

Ignite is a new Bible especially for teens. With cool graphics and its orange and brown color scheme, my thirteen-year-old immediately reached for it when it arrived in the mail. This New King James Version has features that were designed with teens in mind, such as:
  • Spotlight--100 readings 
  • White Hot Topics and Flashpoints--articles that highlight relevant topics, such as Depression, Doubt and Asking Questions, Entertainment, and Fitting In with the Crowd
  • Find It--an index to all of the topics, such as Anger, The Dark Side, Discipline, Idol and Hero worship, and The Value of Words
  • Guide to Key Bible Words with Scripture references
  • Full color maps
The books of the Bible are introduced with a section summarizing the theme of the book, background information on the author and historical setting, and major points and verses. There are also little snippets on almost every page of "Soul Fuel" and "Sparks," which are highlighted verses from those chapters.  For example, the book of Joel begins with a section explaining in plain language what the book is about:
"The book of Joel tells the story of a horrible locust plague that occurred in Palestine.  In this event Joel saw a sign for the final judgment and warned the people to turn back to God.  Joel announced that the 'day of the Lord' was coming.  It would be a time of judgment."
The "Get It" section lists the author and years it was written, and explains "Why it was written:  to warn us of the coming day of judgment:  the day of the Lord." The "Live It" section explains what that means: "The day of judgment is real. God will judge everyone. If we say we're sorry for what we've done wrong and accept Jesus as Savior, we'll be okay."

The publisher really hit the mark with Ignite. It is presented in a teen-friendly format without being cutesy or patronizing. My teen son gives it two thumbs up!

{The publisher provided a review copy of this book for my honest opinions.}