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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Grandma's Guest Review: A Clearing in the Wild

   A Clearing in the Wild is a historical fiction novel, based on the true story of a group of pioneers who traveled west to find and settle new territory.  The first book of the Change and Cherish Historical Series, A Clearing in the Wild is complete with a list of characters, maps of their route, discussion questions, an author interview, a list of additional resources, and a glossary.  A great read for historical fiction lovers, as well as students desiring to immerse themselves in the time period.  

{Spoiler Alert}

    A Clearing in the Wild is the fascinating story of Emma and Christian, members of a community in Bethel, Missouri in the 1850s.  They begin their marriage without the absolute approval of the community leader, Wilhelm.  When he decides the group in Bethel needs to relocate, Christian is appointed leader of the scouts being sent, and Emma insists on going along to Oregon to scout land and stake claim for the Bethel settlement to occupy.  It is not an easy journey, but Christian finds and claims a piece of property where he feels God leads him.

   When Emma has a son, Andy, Christian is not there for his birth.  Emma is unable to nurse, and when Andy is near death, she finds help from another nursing mother.  The work was extremely hard felling  timber and building huts with only a few scouts and not much to work with.  When the Bethel colony members arrive, things do not work out as planned, and the earlier settlers must deal with it.  Through all of the hardships, Emma presses on, now with a second child, a daughter, and she is determined to make a  home for her family and restore Christian's faith in himself.  She discovers oystering and convinces Christian they can make a life for themselves and others where they are.

   A Clearing in the Wild shows a tremendous amount of faith  and determination by Emma from the very beginning.  She now  understands something her mother told her, '"Begin to weave, God provides the thread.  Life is weaving with our fine thread being broken and stretched.  It is our calling to keep weaving and find a way to tie things together.'"  This was an enjoyable book that made me feel as though I was a part of Emma's journey.

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{The publisher provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.}