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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How do you Hoo-rag?

The Hoo-rag folks sent us a cool Hoo-rag, and we had lots of fun trying it out.  Not only did my boys wear it while running around like army men and pirates, but when I could snag it from them, I discovered that it makes a comfy scarf (my favorite cool weather accessory.)  The fabric is soft and breathable, and I liked how it chased off the chill from the wind outside.  It also stayed comfortable and didn't feel hot or itchy when I was indoors.

The Hoo-rag website has a video showing many different ways to wear one.  My kids transformed ours into a beanie, a face mask, a headband, a pirate rag, and a wrist band.  We thought it would make a nice addition to a soldier care package, especially since it is versatile for hot or cold weather, offers both sun and wind protection, and folds up to easily fit into a pocket. (This unique product is just the right size to tuck into a stocking for anyone who spends time outdoors.)

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