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Friday, December 28, 2012

Grandma's Guest Review: Sister Chicks in Gondolas

Sisterchicks in Gondolas definitely fits the category of "Chick Lit," but it is also written from a Christian perspective.  This inspirational story, book six in the Sisterchicks series, follows sisters-in-law Jenna and Sue as they travel to Venice to stay in a fifteenth century palace, where they must cook for the guests.  This sounded right up Grandma's alley, so I passed the book along to her to get her opinion of it:

   This book started off at a fast pace and was hard to put down. Being a Grandma I was ready to "sign up" for a mission trip immediately!  It was fun to read of the experiences, faith, and strong will of Sue and Jenna.  It was heartwarming to experience their bonding with each other. 

   Sisterchicks in Gondolas reinforced for me that no matter what your circumstances God will show you a way. He may not answer our prayers as we hope but He DOES answer. This was a fun adventure that I enjoyed. This is the first Robin Jones Gunn book I have read, but I will be seeking others in the future.

{The publisher provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.}