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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The True Account of Adam and Eve

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The True Account of Adam and Eve by Ken Ham is published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group.

Ken Ham's 64-page illustrated story of the first man and woman presents the biblical account of our first ancestors and how their first act of disobedience has an everlasting impact on our lives. Uniquely illustrated by Bill Looney, this book is a wonderful way to show kids that Adam and Eve were real people, and that their story is real.

The True Account of Adam and Eve is appropriate for young kids, and as a read-aloud, my kids are mesmerized by the pictures as they listen to this compelling story of our history.

Bible references are given throughout the book, and readers are encouraged to "always have the Bible as our starting point and source for answers to any questions we or others may have." 

My favorite illustration shows Adam being created out of the dust of the earth (Click on the preview above to see it.) And, did you know that Adam is mentioned in eight other books in the Bible, and not just in Genesis?

Ken Ham provides evidence, backed by Scripture, that Adam was a real man and that the events of Creation and the Fall occurred just as the Bible says they did. He does a nice job of explaining the timeline and genealogy in a way that kids will understand, and he makes it easy for me to answer my kids' questions by providing plenty of examples and evidence. 

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