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Monday, June 11, 2012

Awesome Science: Explore the Grand Canyon With Noah Justice

Awesome Science with Noah Justice really is "awesome." My kids and I watched the DVD together, and they were just as interested in the material as I was, especially since the young host is so relatable.  

My boys (8 and 12) are impressed with it and commented several times that they thought it was "really good."  

Episode 1, Explore the Grand Canyon, takes viewers on an adventure to the Grand Canyon, Mt. St. Helens, and more, as Noah explains the science behind the canyon's formation from a Christian perspective. Noah also clearly explains the difference between the secular humanist view and the biblical view of the creation of this geographical marvel. 

Explore the Grand Canyon tells about the different theories and views with respect, and it supports the science with clear explanations and plenty of evidence for a global flood causing massive erosion. Beautiful video footage and photographs, along with maps and graphics are used to illustrate and support the facts, and unfamiliar vocabulary words, such as cavitation, sediment, and erosion are defined.

Whenever biblical evidence is given, the words, "Check your Bible!" appear on the screen, along with the verse references.

Everything about this DVD is engaging, from the quality of the sound, background music, picture, and graphics, to the information and the wonderful host.

It is obvious that a great deal of research went into the production of Explore the Grand Canyon, and I wish there were more high quality science materials like this from a Christian, creationist perspective.


To accompany the DVD, the study guide serves as an outline of the program and includes vocabulary, discussion and comprehension questions, biblical references, explanations, and bonus activities (further research, hands-on projects, and experiments.)  

The study guide is a small and inexpensive booklet about the size of the DVD case, making it easy to store them together. Though it is small, it is packed full of useful enrichment material.  

This thirty minute DVD can be used as a science lesson alone, as enrichment for a science lesson, or as preparation for a visit to the Grand Canyon, as well as being extended into a unit study and exploring all the bonus activity ideas.  

Explore the Grand Canyon is like taking a virtual educational field trip.  It has something for all ages, and I am impressed by the overall quality of this series.

{The publisher provided a review copy for my honest opinions.}