Saturday, August 6, 2016

Grandma's Guest Review: A Beauty Refined

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Grandma's review of A Beauty Refined (Sapphire Brides) by Tracie Peterson

Book two: Sapphire Brides Series

A Beauty Refined was just the right length for me. It was very hard to put it down, because events moved very quickly--and it was a very exciting book!

The events were well-described, so I almost felt as though I were there. The characters were likable, and I loved the easy way prayers took place and how naturally faith was a part of the characters' lives.

The coming to America of Phoebe and her father, a German Count, to purchase sapphires was quite an adventure and described well. The discovering of family secrets kept me reading well into the night.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone enjoying historical romance. It was a serious but fun book and one of my all time favorites. I would give this book an overall rating of 5 and look forward to the next book by Tracie Peterson.

The publisher provided a review copy of A Beauty Refined.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Guys Slimline Holy Bible

A Bible Just for Young Guys

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The minute my son saw the Guys Slimline Bible at the top of my review stack, his eyes lit up, and he asked who it was for. I told him that as soon as I finished reviewing it, it would be his. With it's cobalt blue chevron and imitation leather cover and silver foil lined pages, it has a nice sleek design and a young reader NLT red letter format. 

It is easy to see why my preteen son is so enamored with this edition of the Holy Bible. It has a slim profile and modern look, with a nice size font on luxe tissue thin pages. The Guys Slimline Bible looks very grown up while maintaining a readable format. Preteen guys will love having a Bible of their own as they graduate from a kid's Bible. 

Other special features of the Guys Slimline Holy Bible include:

  • NLT Dictionary/Concordance
  • Great Chapters of the Bible
  • Great Verses of the Bible to Memorize
  • 365-Day Reading Plan
  • Full color maps
  • Presentation page
  • Blue satin attached bookmark
  • Slipcase for storage
The publisher's message to young readers is that "The Bible is God's amazing story. In its pages you will read about how God was a rock and a refuge for David--a guy just like you--and so many others." This Bible will give young readers a chance to discover God's love for themselves, and as my son's enthusiasm attests, they will want to pick it up often and spend time with God as he works in their hearts.

The publisher provided a review copy of Guys Slimline Holy Bible.

Friday, June 3, 2016

NKJV Chronological Study Bible

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The Chronological Study Bible: New King James Version from Thomas Nelson is a beautifully bound study bible, uniquely presented in chronological order. The events of the Bible are arranged in the order they occur, divided into the nine Epochs:

  1. Before the Patriarchs: Creation-2000 BC
  2. The Patriarchs, Israel's Ancestors: 2000-1500 BC
  3. The Rise of a Unified People: 1500-1200 BC
  4. From Tribes to a Nation: 1200-930 BC
  5. The Fall of Two Nations: 930-586 BC
  6. Exile and Return: 586-332 BC
  7. Between the Two Testaments: 332-37 BC
  8. The Coming of the Messiah: 37 BC-AD 30
  9. The Church Age: AD 30-100
The Chronological Study Bible includes one- and two-year reading plans, and the publisher also includes information for downloading free Bible study tools online. The text is a nice readable font, even for those of us who need a little extra help with reading glasses, and it is printed on parchment-colored paper with full color illustrations, maps, timelines, and other inset panels. 

One of my favorite features is the reference section at the end, with a a list of Cultural and Historical Topics, a Glossary, full page maps, and a very complete Concordance. These tools make using this Bible for study efficient and enjoyable. It is easy to get immersed n this Bible as you learn how people lived at that time and the culture and landscape of our ancient history.

The publisher provided a review copy of The Chronological Study Bible.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Live Free: An Adult Coloring Book


Have you tried an adult coloring book? Live Free: An Adult Coloring Book by Margaret Feinberg would be a wonderful way to start.

Live Free is a coloring book, journal, prayer resource, Bible study, and stress-reliever all in one. The beautiful designs in this book are accompanied by full-page lined journaling sections with Scripture verses that are repeated in the facing color-in designs. The theme of Live Free is "Who am I?" This theme is explored through the book with reflections on topics like:

  • You are a new creation.
  • You are God's child.
  • You are chosen.
  • You are God's friend.
  • You are children of the light.
The heavy-weight cardstock pages are suitable for exploring a variety of art mediums such as colored pencils, markers, and even paint. The author encourages users to get creative and not worry about staying in the lines, but rather to explore and meditate on the verses as their inner artist flourishes. 

Most of the designs depict items found in nature, like flowers, birds, and butterflies, as well as some geometric designs with lots of details. A really nice feature of this book is the size of the designs--they are detailed without being so intricate that they would be difficult to see if you have trouble focusing on tiny print.

Overall, Live Free offers many nice extras that aren't found in other adult coloring books, and it provides a fun way to delve deeper into Bible study and reflection.

The publisher provided a review copy of Live Free.